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Calriger SolarRev GA10i Tactical Generator Powerbank

SolarRev GA10i Laptop Power



Calriger SolarRev GA10i is the enhanced version of the SolarRev GA10 Tactical Model. The new SRGA10i combined the tactical and functionality of the two SolarRev Generator models making this new model stronger in power through its Advanced Maximum Solar Charging Capability.

The SolarRev GA10i Tactical is the user friendly version of SRGA10 models, it has better independent parts that developers can easily maintain and upgrade because this new model makes development user friendly and shop friendly, meaning many available parts and substitute parts for SRGA10 Developments. The SolarRev Generator is developed to power all the gear in your Armas Go Back, the SolarRev GA10i’s advanced ports include two fast charging USB ports for mobile devices, a 12V Auto CIG port for DC gears, and a detachable AC inverter for Laptops and Radio Communication Devices.


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A.1 – Mission of CALRIGER for the invention of SolarRev Generator

The main reasons for the birth of the Calriger  SolarRev Generator are first, the energy crisis that the Philippines is experiencing is grave and all Filipinos are directly affected by it most specially the people in off-grid sites and provinces which are hard to reach by power grid lines due to its geographical location. Second, the Filipino intelligence and skills are so rich but usually not used in its maximum level due to lack of foreign resources that is why it is time to empower the Filipino people by showing that this SolarRev Generator made in the Philippines is a proudly Filipino invention and technology, made by the hands of hardworking Filipinos for the Filipino People and for the right progress of our country Philippines.  And third reason is the fact that the SolarRev Generator parts and assembly which is designed to be created with parts easily available from our surroundings can be made by Filipinos who undergo the Calriger SolarRev Generator Assembly Workshop, and these trained people can respond as rescuer and power source provider when the BIG 1 ( Super Disaster/Calamity) hits our country Philippines. We all need to be ready to respond to emergency calls and the best way to do this is for us to be prepared to make our own SolarRev Generator and make it a source of power, provider of light and as radio communication charging station to ensure that emergency response can function well 24/7 without interruption even when the power grid is destroyed by the BIG 1.

A.2 – The importance of SolarRev Generator and its advocacy programs in promoting patriotism and technology development in the Philippines

The Calriger SolarRev Generator is a made in Pateros Philippines Solar Generator Powerbank that can supply basic power needs of every Filipino. One SolarRev Generator per house is the answer to the Philippines problem on looming energy crisis. The shortage of electricity production is so serious because the use of traditional materials in producing electricity is already becoming scar resources and it is also depleting our natural resources as it destroys our environment because of heavy pollution caused by traditional power plants. It is time for the SolarRev Generator to help heal our mother Earth’s wounds caused by abusive use of natural resources in producing electricity. The Calriger SolarRev GA10i uses Renewable Energy Sources such as Solar technology for it to store and give power to the people. The SRG or the SolarRev Generator is made in the Philippines and a Proudly Filipino Technology made by the hands of hardworking Filipinos from the small town of Pateros. The inventor of Calriger SolarRev aims to teach every Filipino the art of making your own version of the SolarRev Generator using the basic solar setup procedure with advanced artistic design which is inherit in every Filipino. Producing SolarRev Generators made in the Philippines can bring livelihood to various communities in the Philippines and can help in leading our economy to the right progress will benefit the Philippines and every Filipino as a whole.


A.3 – Sharing Technologies through trainings and education and Filipino Empowerment by bringing Calriger made in the Philippines Technologies to the hands of the Filipino People.

By bringing the Calriger SolarRev Technologies to the hands of the Filipino people, especially the youth and the less privileged brothers and sisters, we can help them in transitioning their energy usage from traditional to renewable energy, we can help them to make their own power sources and become bringer of light and communication charging source during disaster and calamity situations, we can help the Filipino people to upgrade the SolarRev technologies and bring the Filipino innovations to the world market and we can help the Filipino people to be expert in the field of renewable energy and be proud with Filipino made Advanced Maximum SolarRev Technologies that can contribute in the advancement of the global renewable energy market and also contribute in protecting our mother earth through the use of renewable source of energy.



TECHNICAL DETAILS: The SolarRev GA10i with a 7.2amp Lead Sealed Battery can be recharged from the 220V AC wall adaptor, 12V DC car port, or from the sun with Calriger’s Portable Solar Panels using the Charger Controller Fused Regulator Port or from another SolarRev unit using the DC Terminal Connector. The SolarRev Generators can be parallel connected to various SolarRev units to make its power stronger and its powerbank capacity bigger. It has a built-in Eagle Eye LED Lights that you can use in tactical night explorations.



Integrated Dual USB, 12 Volts Auto CIG Port and DC Output ports, From mobile devices, to gps navigators and tablet pcs, laptops to sports cameras, walkie-talkie radio communication device to drones, the SolarRev Generator powerbank can power all your gears.

The Smart fast charging USB gives the most reliable charging power without damaging your devices.

The tactical grade assembly and rubber casing provides security to the device. Functionality and heavy-duty structure gives you assurance that you can rely on the SolarRev when the need arises.

The SolarRev Plug and Play Inverter (DC to Ac 220Volts) will be your charging source for your radio communication device, laptop and other portable devices that will require 220 volts charging power.

The SolarRev Tactical built-in Flashlight will be your guiding light in your night exploration wherever you go and you can plug and play your LED DC lights in its DC ports to give light to your camping tents and sites



AC wall Charging – The SolarRev GA10i with a 7.2amp Lead Sealed Battery can be recharged from the 220V AC wall adaptor and it can be fully charge in about 7 hours when using a 12 Volts 1.5Amp/ hour Wall Adaptor

Car CIG Port – 12V DC car port using the Auto CIG Port connector DC to DC, the charging will be dependent on the number of hours your vehicle will run.

Solar Panel – From the sun with Calriger’s Portable Solar Panels using the Charger Controller Fused Regulator Port. Using the Calriger SP 20 Watts, your unit can be fully charged in 5 hours (20 watts x5 = 100 watts less weather changes of -5watts per hours) using Calriger SP 50watts, your unit can be fully charged in 2 to 3 hours.

SRG to SRG – From another SolarRev unit using the DC Terminal Connector for pass on power. The SolarRev Generators can be parallel connected to various SolarRev units to make its power stronger and its powerbank capacity bigger.

Armas Tactical GO Bag
12V DC Inverter 80 Watts Max
Eagle Eye LED Camping Light
Armas Paracord Side Sling
Calriger 10 Watts Mono Solar Panel
Multiple USB Port
3.7V USB DC light
Armas Tactical Multi Tool

Rubber Case Portable Bluetooth Speaker 5 Volts

Radio Comms Walkie-Talkie with USB Charging Port 5 Volts

What can you recharge in the SolarRev Gen A10i Tactical Powerbank?

The SolarRev GA10i can power your mobile devices, laptops, powerbank, walkie-talkie, USB type devices, drones and portable USB speakers.

Mobile Devices can be recharged for 6-7 times

Walkie Talkie 5 watts device can be recharged for 14 times

Drone battery can be recharged for 10 times

Gpa Navigator Tablet  / Tablet PC can be recharged for 2-3 times

Laptop can be full charge 2 times when fully drained

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