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SolarRev ChargingCore Power Station by CALRIGER

WWW.CALRIGER.NET – The commercial grade SolarRev CHARGINGCORE Power Station can be used in various income generating activities such as direct high power charging station for electric vehicles and battery recharging station for all kinds of technologies that uses battery. It has a hybrid design that can harvest solar energy through its solar panels and also get back up power in the grid through its grid power support device. Use solar energy throughout the day and let the ChargingCore Battery gives you power at night you will never worry about power outage and blackouts, you can have power for your lights and basic appliances 24/7 with the CHARGINGCORE Power Station.

Our goal is to bring the technology on our roads and help EVehicle riders to have worry free riding experience because they have charging station available for recharge of their EVehicles and at the same time we can help protect the environment by reducing use of gas fuels. This SolarRev ChargingCore Power Station is a good option for EVehicle charging because it can offer lower charging cost compared to charging using grid electricity which also require you to pay various operation expenses of the grid power provider.

Our company Calriger Technologies aim to make the SolarRev ChargingCore Technology available to commercial clients thru commercial type ChargingCore Power Station and also to personal Evehicle user by having a mini EVehicle ChargingCore Power Station for home use.

This project started with our partnership with Capco Motolite Pateros MUT when we tested battery charging thru solar panels and inverter system, and as we embark in the journey of doing business related to renewable energy using Motolite Solar Master Battery in majority of our solar projects, we learned the savings that house and business owners can have from using solar energy in their basic power needs and just using grid power as back up. We learned that these advantages which people can get from using solar battery system really pays back the investment faster that what we estimated.

Calriger plans to make Research and Development Training Facilities across the Philippines, that can pave way to the company to have bigger ground to teach and transfer technologies to the community and also provide clients with Calriger SolarRev Information Center where they can fully understand our technologies.

The company will also help setup SolarRev ChargingCore Power Stations to clients who are interested in this type of business.

SolarRev ChargingCore Setup in Caldong Farm with floating solar panels in lake caldong to get maximum charging capacity with good natural cooling system

All advocates of clean energy for clean environment must join us in our advocacy to teach to the people the importance of supporting Renewable Energy Technologies and companies that advocate this because we all know that this will benefit us as a whole. We have created a
A business plan that can successful reduce dependence of people in using gas operated vehicles and little by little eradicate pollution caused by these traditional vehicles thru the SolarRev ChargingCore Power Station business setup options.

As of this moment we are doing partnership projects with Nation Builder to spread the news about benefits of investing in Renewable Energy ChargingCore Power Station. Our goals is to open ChargingCore Power Station around the country, a place where you can securely charge all your EVehicle and SolarRev Devices.

Part of our goals is to aggressively campaign and help in promoting the use of clean energy in our country and accross the world.

For the record the ChargingCore Power Station was developed thru the concpet of the Calriger SolarRev Generator for homes and offices which was a longtime established technology that we have offered and was already in use by our clients in the industries of OffGrid Organic Farming, Military Institutions, Tactical Defense and Rescue Centers and Trading Companies.

At this time the company also introduced the handheld version of the SolarRev Generator also known as the SRG Survivor 1. This portable handheld SolarRev Generator has many tactical features related to energy needed by a Rescue Recon Missionary in a dangerous field during disaster and calamities. These features includes an industrial grade heavy charged LED lights for search and rescue, a charging port for all types of USB operated devices, a charging port for DC12 volts operated devices and another port for DC to AC inverter 220volts for AC type devices including port for extended LED lights, gps navigator, radio communication unit and emergency medical equippment. This SolarRev GS1 can be charged thru AC, DC and solar panel.

These are just some of the many made in the Philippines products and technologies that Calriger will release for the Renewable Technology Industry under the Project SolarRev Generator Technology.


Portable SolarRev ChargingCore Portbale Power Station Pic white PNG - Copy.png


Powered by SolarRev 24 7.jpg


SolarRev in your hands for Portable Medical Devices.png


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