Origin of the SolarRev Generator

I INVENTED THE TACTICAL SOLARREV GENERATOR TO GIVE THE FILIPINO PEOPLE A RESCUE RECON DEVICES THAT CAN HELP IN PROVIDING PORTABLE SOLAR ELECTRIC POWER FOR RESCUE MISSIONS IN TIMES OF DISASTERS AND CALAMITIES. During our travels with the missionaries, we witnessed the importance of bringing portable SolarRev Generator because this gives light in dark times,… Continue reading Origin of the SolarRev Generator


SolarRev Generator in JCI event is your power on rainy days in the Philippines

In this rainy season, be with the SolarRev for it is BUILT TO SURVIVE Blackouts and disaster challenges. Showcasing the power of the made in the Philippines SolarRev Generator S1 in JCI Presidents Training in 9 Waves San Mateo Rizal Philippines http://www.facebook.com/solarrevgenerator

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Calriger SolarRev GA10i Tactical Generator Powerbank

The SolarRev Generatormade in the Philippines is developed to power all the gear in your Armas Go Back, the SolarRev GA10i’s advanced ports include two fast charging USB ports for mobile devices, a 12V Auto CIG port for DC gears, and a detachable AC inverter for Laptops and Radio Communication Devices.