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– CALRIGER brings Advanced Maximum Technologies on Renewable Energy and Innovative Industry through its flagship made in the Philippines Tactical Products and Inventions. CALRIGER Technologies and Innovations are the development programs of CALRIGER CEO, Giancarlo Capco, the same person who invented the Solar Sanitary Aqua Vendo (SAV) Water Pump which was the greatest innovation that a Filipino Entrepreneur shared in the Build IT Business and Innovation Program of Harvard Business School USA. CALRIGER is currently the biggest supplier of Military Compliant CCTV Products and Systems including the Cyber Defense Programs and Software which combines Defense and Security Surveillance in Industrial Centralized Server. This Military Compliant AMS HD CCTV System is plugged with different advanced monitoring and online remote viewing features but not limited to mobile application programs for the system has Centralized Software that can be used in all types of Computers. The Technology & Marketing Strategist / Marketing Consultancy Company (http://www.calriger.net/) is a Business Strategist Company that offers services such as Innovationn and Advanced Maximum Gears and Technologies, Strategic Business Plan Formulation, Cyber Defense and Website Designs, Renewable Energy Development, Solar Rev Generators,AMG HD CCTV, Marketing and Advertising Solutions, Retailing and Sales of Cultural Products, Travel Technologies Advisories, International Advocacy Support Missions for Non-Profit Organizations, and Contracts Drafting. The Calriger MC Company designs strategic business formulas and solutions for the growth of different local and international businesses, organizations and industries. We provide website designs and professional graphics to our consumers from around the world. Our system is on its optimum level, leading to a maximum service efficiency creating strong rapport with our trusted partners and customers.